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Hi all, I’ve merged my blogs, book reviews and case studies along with other work projects under my site So, skate over to find the latest news in digital sports marketing. best, Craig


Spring Networking Plans

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With the start of a new season I find myself planning a spring/summer conference schedule. My goal for attending; build connections, develop new ideas and continue learning in the digital media and sports marketing landscape.

Two new groups starting up; the Social Media Cafe (Toronto) and Sports 2.0’s new Digital Fan Marketing Summit.

The first gathering of the Social Media Cafe Toronto took place last week as we began to shape an organizing committee. Special thanks to Brian Cugelaman (@SMCafeT) for bringing this concept to T.O. Join us for our second gathering on April 28.

Another potential opportunity is a June conference in New York City. Pat Coyle, creator of Sports 2.0 has added a new summit to his roster focusing on the digital sports fan. Featured speakers so far include:

  • John Kosner – Senior VP & GM, Digital Media at ESPN
  • Nick Grudin – Strategic Partnerships, Sports & News at Facebook
  • Ross Hufman – Business Development Manager at Twitter

I was fortunate to attend a past Sports 2.0 Summit; loved the intimate gathering, learned so much and met very valuable – new colleagues. (Will be following #dfms11 if not able to visit the NYC session in person).

Look forward to attending above, plus other digital media type gatherings that I find. Please forward any recommendations.


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Smarter, Faster, Cheaper

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Smarter, Faster, Cheaper by David Siteman Garland

Image by stevegarfield via Flickr

If you’re looking for a kick in the pants to get your New Year going — take a look at Smarter, Faster, Cheaper by David Garland.

The first book by this entrepreneur/mediapreneur basically calls out the question; what are you waiting for?

David uses interviews from business leaders like Chris Brogan, Seth Godin, Lewis Howes and Tony Hsieh to solidify his theory that it’s easy to get ideas going and take hold of your business no matter how big or small.

Standout themes for me:

  • Get going now to build a community
  • Be your niche markets DJ (my current twitter strategy)
  • Be the go to person
  • Formula for success: share quality content, interact/help the right people
  • Educate, entertain and inspire

In close,

  • This book is a great resource for launching new ideas
  • Hockey references always help!
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Game On HQ

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A Parent's Guide To Youth Sports

My new site launched over the weekend.  Visit Game On ( — a site that will act as a guide for parents by providing articles and stories from around the world regarding youth and sport.

In time we will also showcase new internet tools that will allow you to better participate in sports along with your family. Get in the game now by starting a youth sports discussion or by posting a related question.  Check us out!

WordPress vs. Tumblr (Or Both?)

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This is icon for social networking website. Th...

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Focus for me of late is developing both a blog design and creating a full web site to better showcase new projects and experiences. For my blog site, I have been wrestling whether or not to keep growing via WordPress or perhaps try a different platform such as Tumblr?

Through online search, I came across tech expert, Chris Pirillo and his video Q&A on this exact topic (posted last year).  Chris focused on the benefits of WordPress and its open source platform versus the restraints of being locked in to a structured environment like Tumblr.

Why WordPress?

  • Easy to upgrade
  • Wide variety of themes to choose, integrate
  • Maximum exposure for search engines
  • Ability to turn into a personal/corporate information web site

Why Tumblr?

  • Easy to update from my iPhone
  • Clean look and feel
  • Simple dashboard to share various media files
  • Ability to run multiple blogs, keep private

So after this review – I’m going with this strategy:

  • Use WordPress as a communication tool for work related projects (blogging, new opportunities, a full information web site)
  • Try Tumblr for my personal, family blogging adventures

Bottom line – I don’t want to lock into one platform.  While WordPress seems to be the best choice for overall blogging and as a platform for building a personal site, I still want to keep experiencing different tools for learning/development.

No shortage of blog tools to sample, that’s for sure!  Watch for my new sites coming soon.

Making Ideas Happen

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The headline inside the cover jacket sums it best: Ideas Are Worthless If You Can’t Make Them Happen. Founder and CEO of BehanceScott Belsky created a very useful review that provides methods for managing goals and seeing ideas through from start to finish.

Like recently read Delivering HappinessMaking Ideas Happen is also broken out into three sections:

  1. Organization & Execution
  2. The Forces Of Community
  3. Leadership Capability

Part 1.  Organization & Execution

For me, the first section amplified tools I already use to keep on track and stay organized. Focusing on Action Methods was also supported by another recently finished book; Linchpin by Seth Godin.  Both books focus on the importance of shipping ideas with rock solid deadlines.

Part 2.  The Forces Of Community

The second section starts by harnessing forces around you to develop projects and capitalize on feedback that strengthen goals.

Key points for me when pushing ideas to your community:

  • If nobody knows what you are doing and what you need to succeed, then you’ll fail to engage anyone
  • Showcase your strengths
  • Fight the desire to wait for instructions

Part 3.  Leadership Capability

This section dives into chemistry of creative teams, creative team management and examples on effective leadership.  I enjoyed this section of Scott’s book the most, thinking back to my own experiences — combined with growing new management traits for self-leadership.

In close,

  • I strongly recommend this book for designers, freelancers or if starting a new business
  • Techniques highlighted are easy to adapt, you will start using them right away
  • Follow: @scottbelsky@behance@the99percent

Books next on my list:

  • The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss
  • Made To Stick by The Heath Brothers (reading this one before their new book)

Rewind: Top 10 Albums of 2010

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I recently came across Fred Wilson’s blog with his Top 10 Albums of the past year to spark the idea for my latest entry.  A new tradition for me perhaps as well? So here it is, my favourite albums of 2010:

Cha Cha Cha by Fred Eaglesmith – My album of the year.  I’ve been following Fred for years now (thanks to my close friend Ryan).  Cha Cha Cha doesn’t dissappoint with a new sound supported by The Fabulous Ginn Sisters.

Rest of my Top 10…

Asterisk to Ron Hawkin’s 10 Kinds of Lonely.  It was actually released in 2009, but I was late picking it up. A ‘country-folk’ album from Ron Hawkins?? Love it.

Seeing a band live is big for me, usually that is what makes me decide to buy their music or not. The Hold Steady and Crowded House being the only bands on my list who I haven’t seen live (yet).  I finally saw the Drive-by Truckers for the first time in 2010 during their Toronto stop at Lee’s Palace. Amazing.

Looking forward to what 2011 will bring!