Hey Ping, Check Out Twackle

September 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m the first to say “its easy to criticize”, especially with a first time web site launch. However when its Apple debuting a new product, first thing you look for is cutting edge technology from their highly publicized product launches.

So when Ping was released this week as part of iTunes 10 I thought; perfect something similar to the sports social twitter tool, Twackle — but for my music. Unfortunately though in this first version, Ping misses some key ‘wow’ tools in its debut.

First thought, why not fully embrace the music community already used by artists in Twitter? Instead of following a new Jack Johnson page, integrate with Twitter’s verified account @jackjohnson. From there build around special iTunes features like artist news, concert listings and follow friends.

Other ideas for Ping:

  • Allow users to post/share own music news to fully build a social platform
  • Allow me to share my Ping page outside of iTunes
  • Let me create my own (iTunes DJ) playlists for followers to preview
  • Provide a lyrics search integrated with iBook

Like everything else Apple tackles they will eventually get it right. Too bad though Ping didn’t launch with a little more inside hype to help this new platform catch more buzz with users.

Looking forward to the upgrades!


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