My ‘Most Valuable Twitters’

September 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

For this entry I thought it would be fun to call out favourite people I follow via Twitter. So here you go — highlighted below are my Top 3 Most Valuable Twitters taken from my Lists that I watch inside TweetDeck.

List 1. Leaders (Newsmakers from digital business)

1.  @fredwilson – love his blogs, MBAMondays

2.  @incmagazine – great updates, alerts and tips

3.  @digitalroyalty – social media advice, news from special events

List 2. Tools (Digital tools that help with everyday projects)

1.  @the99percent – making ideas happen

2.  @maclife – all things apple, tech news

3.  @37changes – great use of twitter for managing clients

List 3. Sports Biz (MVP’s from the sports business world)

1.  @darrenrovell1 – king of sports business news

2.  @sports20 – love Pat’s 2.0 summits, growing a great community

3.  @sbjlizmullen – best insider for sports negotiations, agent news

List 4. Sports

1.  @twacklesports – pulse for sports headlines

2.  @the_real_nash – more than just basketball

3.  @patrickmcenroe – loved following during US Open

List 5. Hockey

1.  @real_espnlebrun – great insider coverage across the NHL

2.  @walsha – life of a hockey agent

3.  @panger40 – miss working with Panger

List 6. MyMusic

1.  @genesimmons – doesn’t tweet often, fun stuff when he does

2.  @drivebytruckers – favourite band right now

3.  @themahones – still going strong after all these years, travelling the world

Other Notables:


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