Almost Missed Doctober

October 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

We live in a great digital age!  As many new Dads can relate, it’s really hard nowadays to stay on top of watching your favourite sport — especially during great times of the year like October;  NFL’s underway, excitement for the new NHL/NBA seasons, plus the start of postseason baseball.

Combined with chasing after the kids — new school pick-up routines, skating and swimming lessons, I am finding it very hard to keep track of when certain games start or who is playing when?  Problem solved with a web site my friend sent to me: or also known as RUWT?!

RUWT?! is a simple site that I joined during the summer.  What it does is just what their tag line states; Get instant classic alerts when the games get good!

When visiting the site you are asked to create a profile then pick one of the three alert frequency packages.  I signed up for the ‘starter kit’ to catch big moments from MLB/NHL games. With that I receive EPIC alerts which means I get emails when; Games only get to EPIC if they’re instant classics. We’re talking No-Hitters and 6OT epics. (Other RUWT?! options: alerts sent when a game gets ‘good’ or ‘hot’).

The service hasn’t let me down — case and point, this week’s performance by Doc Halladay.  With Game 1 being a late afternoon match-up in Philly, too much was happening around the Johnson Household to remember that the MLB postseason was underway.  But then an alert hits my iPhone, I see —

RUWT?! Alert MLB: Reds vs. Phillies (EPIC)


Reds: 0
Phillies: 4
Bot 8


HOLD IT!  Stop everything … isn’t Doc on the mound?!  I quickly snuck away to the nearest TV, turned to Sportsnet and witnessed the final moments of sports history. Thank you RUWT?!


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