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November 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Charlene Li

If you work as a digital consultant or handle social media projects for a large company, then Charlene Li’s Open Leadership is a must read.  Like Seth Godin says:

“Buy two copies of Charlene’s new book, one for your boss and one for you.”

While reading this I often flashed back to past co-workers or bosses who would truly benefit from the many tips featured by Charlene.  Not to mention the case studies that can easily be applied in the sports and event marketing industry.

Section I

The first section of this book is a great resource for building strategies on how best to use Facebook, Twitter, your blog or any other social media platform — and most importantly, how to measure results to know if your program is working.

The cost saving benefits provided by social media stands out especially.  Great diagrams are shown in areas such as market research, being ahead on customer service or how – implemented correctly – social technology can save you big time on your bottom line.

Section II

The second part ties in strategy learnings and benefits of being open with a structure to follow that helps get your company on side.  The social media guideline check list alone is a tool that should be referred to regularly.

Section III

This section was my favourite as Charlene investigates who makes strong open leaders, why and how to become a good open leader yourself. Many social technology experiences are described from a variety of business leaders including Brian Dunn, CEO at BestBuy, Michael Dell founder of Dell and Howard Schultz from Starbucks.

In close,

  • Favourite line: Be open, Be transparent, Be authentic
  • Key message: Leadership is about relationships, and because social technology is changing relationships, leadership has to change.
  • Follow: @charleneli

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