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December 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am never relaxed until I can control the clutter or organize the noise around me.  So when it comes to building a social network, I need to prioritize and organize all of the great tools out there.

Main reasons to prioritize: to get the most out of the internet; understand the many features and discover how to best use.  I like to think organizing social media is similar to organizing my home or office.  Each application has a different role and used right can help in so many ways — i.e. time management, business opportunities or meeting new people.

Tweets that I’ve come across that help breakdown social networking:

  • Organize, personalize and contextualize – @entmagazine (Entrepreneur)
  • Facebook is the mall and Twitter is the street – @jimbryson
  • Facebook is your image. LinkedIn your resume. Twitter your personality – @meaghery

Here is a quick run down how I use some of the tools out there:


  • My personal news feed for work, sports, music
  • Often RT articles I find for sharing or to reference/read again later
  • A great way to stay on top of publications that I like


  • For family and close friends only
  • Try to keep this area separate from work
  • Share personal pics, videos of family (integrate with my MobileMe account)


  • My business network
  • Keep fresh as a CV, use community to show what I am about
  • Search for business ideas, leads
  • Ongoing education tool (my Personal MBA)

WordPress (Blogs)

  • Use my blog to call out topics found in Twitter or digital news
  • Post fun ideas from friends in Facebook, other communities
  • Use as my hub for everything:

Other tools that I am using:

  • Meetup – finding new communities
  • Yammer – log for private work
  • Ping – social outlet for my music

Crazy how the above only scratches the surface.  Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube or even RSS feeds are other tools that I use or test with my social network.  I will be integrating these (and others) into my strategy in the near future — perhaps using a platform like Gist as well to help keep everything on track.

Excited to see how things will change or converge for us in 2011!

Happy New Year, Craig

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