WordPress vs. Tumblr (Or Both?)

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

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Focus for me of late is developing both a blog design and creating a full web site to better showcase new projects and experiences. For my blog site, I have been wrestling whether or not to keep growing via WordPress or perhaps try a different platform such as Tumblr?

Through online search, I came across tech expert, Chris Pirillo and his video Q&A on this exact topic (posted last year).  Chris focused on the benefits of WordPress and its open source platform versus the restraints of being locked in to a structured environment like Tumblr.

Why WordPress?

  • Easy to upgrade
  • Wide variety of themes to choose, integrate
  • Maximum exposure for search engines
  • Ability to turn into a personal/corporate information web site

Why Tumblr?

  • Easy to update from my iPhone
  • Clean look and feel
  • Simple dashboard to share various media files
  • Ability to run multiple blogs, keep private

So after this review – I’m going with this strategy:

  • Use WordPress as a communication tool for work related projects (blogging, new opportunities, a full information web site)
  • Try Tumblr for my personal, family blogging adventures

Bottom line – I don’t want to lock into one platform.  While WordPress seems to be the best choice for overall blogging and as a platform for building a personal site, I still want to keep experiencing different tools for learning/development.

No shortage of blog tools to sample, that’s for sure!  Watch for my new sites coming soon.


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